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Honda’s third plant in China comes into production

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Guangqi Honda, a Chinese automobile manufacturer co-owned by Honda and GAC Group, has witnessed its third plant in China, after the Huangpu Plant and Zencheng Plant,come into productions on October 19th, announced this carmaker.

This year, the sales of Guangqi Honda in China has been on a successive increase. This carmaker has sold 379,700 units for the first 3 quarters, a 35.1% increase compared with last year. “Our sales goal in China this year is 600,000 units.” said Mizuno Yasuhide, General Manager at Guangqi Honda.

Under this background, Honda’snew plant comes into picture.This plant has a capacity of 120,000 units per year at early stage and 240,000 units per year as designed when fully functioning, which will boost Honda’s overall capacity in China to around 720,000 units per year.

It’s said this plant will mainly manufacture small models like Honda FIT hatchback.

With the complement of the new plant, Guangqi Honda will introduce 15 new models in the next 5 years.Mizuno Yasuhide said Chinese buyers will see an Acura model for the first time in China’s auto market next year. The production of this compact SUV will be assigned to Guangqi Honda’s second plantand the research & development tasks will be done in Guangzhou Honda Research & Development Center.

Besides, a large SUV and a new Accord sedan with a hybrid powertrain will also be manufactured in China.




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