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R&D Engineer (Huaian Plant)

R&D Engineer (Huaian Plant)

Job Description

1. Be responsible for the research and development mission arranged by technical centre.                                  2. Design experimental scheme and procedures according to specific R&D project                                               3. Be responsible for submitting research report about the feasibility of research project.

4. Authorize  experimental report, and conduct a priliminary authorization of  research results.

5. When research results applied in production, lead the R&D team to guide the production. Organize R&D team to resolve technical problems according to specific situation.

6. Be responsible for the formulating, approval,  archiving and storage of relevant technical files and samples.


1. Master's degree in  organic chemistry or field related to chemistry

2.  Conduct independent research project and be able to analyze laboratory findings.

3. Good communication skills  4.Good computer skills 5. Hard-working, be able to work under pressure

4. Working location: Huai'an City, Jiangsu

Development Access
Opportunity pf development in R&D , technical support, sales and management fields.

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