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Sales director(SH)

Sales director(SH)

Job description:

1. Top management of sales department;

2. Be responsible for making  rules and rugulations or assisting to carry out relevant rules and regulations.

3. Be responsible for daily management work of sales department. 

4. Assist the general manager to formulate sales target, sales pattern, sales strategy , sales budget and bonus schemes.

5. Build and manage sales team, achieve annual sales targets

6.From the customer’s perspective, propose suggestions of  product's application R&D plan.


1. Bachlor's degree or above in high polymer material, chemical engineering  and technology, marketing or related fields;

2. More than 5 years working experince in sales of rubber additives, at least 2 years experience in managerial role;

3. Be familiar with the market and the business, with strong capability of market expansion;

4.Good communication skills, with good problem solving capabilities;

5.Be ambitious, Good at leadership.

Development access:  Chance to develop to the  Sales VP, general manager of  branch company and   cooperation partner.

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