Hexamethylene-1,6-bis(thiosulfate) disodium saltdihydrate.

In the sulfur curing system, It can generate thermally stable mixed crosslink bond, having a good reversion property in the high temperature or over cure condition, thus the vulcanized rubber have stable physical properties and dynamic flex performance.

Key features:

1. Used as Anti-reversion agent in tire and other rubber products.

2. Applied to natural rubber formula, significantly improve the curing reversion resistance and the aging resistance performance of products.

3. Applied to synthetic rubber formula, increase both the modulus and dynamic property.

4. Having the property of high modulus, low compression set, low heat buildup, good aging resistance and curing reversion resistance.

5. Improving the adhesive strength between steel wire and rubber and the aging resistance performance.

Competitive advantage:

WY808 is a similar products to Eastman’s Duralink HTS, with same performance and competitive price. The target market lies in replacing Duraling HTS to help reduce cost.


1-3phr is suggested, depending on the requirements of products.


Standard packing is 25Kg , paper-EVA package.


1 year from date of production, keep cool (approximately 25℃) and dry in closed original packaging

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