Employee Development

The company aligns employees" personal career goals, interests and hobbies with the company"s organizational development needs and strategic development direction to achieve a win-win situation for the development of the company and employees.
1. Adhere to the tenet of "people-oriented", attach importance to the career planning and development of employees, strive to create a fair competition environment that is conducive to talents standing out, cultivate employees" good professional habits and qualities, and strive to achieve the best of their talents.
2. The promotion system of two career development paths, namely professional channel and management channel, build a professional talent echelon through systematic talent training and development plan to help the realization of corporate strategic goals.
3. An internal job transfer system with equal opportunities. When there is a job vacancy in the company, those who meet the conditions will have the opportunity to achieve horizontal or vertical job development through self-recommendation or recommendation by others.
The sea is open to all rivers, and tolerance is great. Qixiang welcomes more talents to join us and build a better future together.

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