R&D Assistant (Suzhou)

Job description:

1. Responsible for the testing work of the R&D center, including the formulation, operation, documentation of testing methods, maintenance and upkeep of testing equipment, etc.;

2. Assist R&D engineers in the analysis of R&D projects and form analysis reports;

3. Daily management and procurement of experimental instruments, consumables and reagents.


1. Bachelor degree, major in chemistry;

2. Ability to independently carry out experimental analysis and testing;

3. Have good communication and expression skills, be honest, have good adaptability and learning ability;

4. Good office automation processing ability and data analysis ability;

5. Bear hardships and stand hard work, be proactive, have strong pressure resistance, and have the ability to deal with and solve problems independently.

Development channel:

The principle of multi-track development can obtain development opportunities in professional fields such as production technology, research and development, and management fields.

Work Location: Suzhou & Huaian

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