Application Technology Engineer (Suzhou)

Application Technology Engineer (Suzhou)

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Job Responsibilities

1. Complete the research and development tasks arranged by the department according to the company"s goals.

2. When the research and development results are used in production, coordinate the production to complete the trial production, and solve and guide the problems found.

3. Responsible for cooperating with the office to complete the project declaration work.

4. Complete various project reports as required, and organize and archive project materials in a timely manner.


1. Master"s degree, major in polymer materials, chemistry and related fields.

2. Can independently carry out research work on the subject, with experimental analysis and testing capabilities, and experience in synthetic circuit design is preferred.

3. Have good communication and expression skills, be honest, have good environmental adaptability and self-learning ability.

4. Basic office automation processing ability, data analysis ability, literature search and reading ability (English).

5. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a positive attitude, strong ability to withstand pressure, and the ability to deal with and solve problems independently.

Development channel:

The principle of multi-track development can obtain development opportunities in professional and management fields such as sales, synthetic R&D, and marketing.

Working place: Jiangsu · Suzhou

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