Purchasing Assistant (Huai"an)

Purchasing Assistant (School Recruitment)

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Job Responsibilities

1. Conscientiously implement the procurement management regulations and implementation rules of the head office, strictly follow the procurement plan, make timely and applicable, and reasonably reduce the backlog of materials and procurement costs. For the purchased items, the tickets are complete, the tickets are consistent, and the bills are reported in a timely manner.

2. Regularly collect and report market information in a timely manner, be familiar with and master the market conditions, and make purchases based on comparisons.

3. Arrange the procurement sequence reasonably, and arrange the procurement plan in advance for the materials that are in short supply and the raw materials that need to be purchased from a distance.

4. Strengthen cooperation with acceptance, storage, and use departments, strictly control quality, and actively solve problems.


1. Fresh graduates, bachelor degree or above, major in procurement and supplier management, major in chemistry and materials.

2. Proficient in using office software, with good language expression and communication skills.

Working place: Huaian, Jiangsu

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